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    Product information

    The DraftsMan is a pedagogically valuable drawing and writing board, which is ideal for geometric and freehand drawing and writing. Clamp the drawing sheet into the DraftsMan and insert any pointy pencil on the artboard. As if by magic, the drawn lines rise and become tangible.

    Name Price Quantity
    DraftsMan Standard
    Article ID304075
    179,00 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    In stock
    Drawing Sheets Standard
    Article ID304077
    39,90 €
    per 100 Blatt
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    In stock
    Drawing sheets for DraftsMAN Profi 100 pcs
    Article ID304078
    25,00 €
    per 100 Blatt
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    Not in stock

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