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    The aim is always to achieve the most lifelike recording possible in 3 D to which corresponds to the listening impression of the concert visitor or is approaching it.
    The spatial reproduction of sound recordings created with the OKM is sometimes surprisingly realistic.

    Nearly all portable devices have a sound wire supply ( plug in power ). This energy supply ensures that the OKM microphones also work without power adapter A3 (solo versions).

    The use of the adapter A3 is considered a useful addition to the OKM II the microphone with a voltage of 6 volts and a impact sound filter against low frequencies, such as vibrations when driving a car and a 20 dB reduction for particularly loud levels. The A3 adapter increases the sensitivity of the microphones by about 4 dB. Therefore it is possible to use the line-in input of the recording devices. Furthermore, recordings with higher Sound pressure possible.

    However, the adapter A3 offers some advantages like a better signal quality, a higher level of output reliability, a higher Sensitivity, delivers a higher voltage than the microphone input of the mobile recorder. For louder sound sources the OKM can be also connect to the line-in input (if available) of the recorder.

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