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    Product information

    We offer various Daisy players from Plextalk such as the portable Linio Pocket, which is perfect for traveling.

    PLEXTALK is a registered trademark of Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. The brand name includes digital audiobook players and recorders that we develop and produce for the blind, visually impaired, and the visually impaired.
    PLEXTALK offers people with vision or reading disabilities better access to the world of reading by providing them with audible book players and recorders that comply with the DAISY standard.

    Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. develops and manufactures a variety of adjunct products that allow blind, sighted and visually impaired people to actively participate in society and lead an independent lifestyle.
    The products, available under the PLEXTALK brand name, are already being used by many blind, partially sighted and physically disabled people, including librarians, volunteer translators, book authors / publishers, students, teachers, senior citizens, rehabilitation centers and social care workers around the world.

    PLEXTALK Linio Pocket is the world's first portable DAISY online player and recorder for the blind, visually impaired, and reading-impaired, allowing newspapers, magazines, and books to be streamed or downloaded directly from the Internet.

    Immediate access to the desired book
    You have access to the Internet, directly access materials from your online service provider. You do not have to wait for a CD, nor do you need a computer. This will make a decisive contribution to the quality of life and independence of our customers.

    Wireless Internet
    Newspapers, magazines and books are sent directly to your bookshelf via Wi-Fi.
    You can listen to web radio stations and download podcasts.

    Playback of DAISY / Text
    As you read documents, enjoy the natural-sounding voices of Acapela Speech. In addition to the most popular audio and text formats, eBook formats such as EPUB and PDF are now also supported.

    DAISY recording
    The record button makes recording at the touch of a button a breeze. Once a new topic is dealt with in the classroom, you can quickly insert headlines so you can easily work through the recordings. You can also record voice memos by holding down the record button and retrieve important information later.

    Intuitive operation
    • Large and easy to feel buttons
    • The sleep timer automatically turns off the player at a certain time
    • Key description via the keyboard help
    • Built-in user manual in DAISY format

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    Nylon bag for PTR2
    Article ID164511
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    Battery for Plextalk PTN2 / PTX 1 Pro
    Article ID164199
    82,50 €
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