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    So that blind people can also read Braille on the computer, Braille displays were developed about 30 years ago. These devices are nowadays connected and transferred to the PC via USB or Bluetooth Screen text on one line in Braille. They are controlled by drivers and screen readers. The Screenreader reads the contents of the screen line by line and transmits put him on the Braille display. The Braille display represents the letters and characters with plungers, which can be felt with the fingers. So blind people can touch the screen content line by line.

    The Braille display, short line, or Braille display is a Computer output device for blind people, the sign in Braille represents. Usually they are controlled by screen readers, which Read characters in selected screen areas and store them in Display computer braille. This allows blind people to see large parts of the Use standard software and work independently on the computer. Depending on the model, Braille displays can display between 12 and 80 characters represent.

    Alternatively, screen readers can also provide voice output. Opposite Braille displays are more accurate and reproduce word for word when read aloud. This means that the spelling can also be checked directly, without has to spell out the voice output. In Austria, the costs reimbursed by the Federal Social Welfare Offices and the Länder.

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