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    Gilofa fine support knee sock Gr. 35-37 hazelnut 140DEN


    Gilofa fine - the fine knee socks, exclusively for women.

    • Shaping and supporting the legs
    • Support the circulation during long standing or sitting
    • Transparent or opaque

    Gilofa® fine combines elegance with healthy prevention. The stockings look like fine stockings, but act with healthy support in 140 den. The higher the denier value, the higher the support force: from noticeably vitalising to strong supportive. Transparent look! Women have more venous problems than men. A genetic weakness of the connective tissue calls for the special support stocking program for the lady. But healthy prevention does not have to be unattractive.

    Product Information

    Material: 78% polyamide, 22% elastane

    • Please wash before use! if possible daily laundry (max 30 ° C), but at least every other day with commercially available mild detergent (especially suitable for support stockings is the Ofa clean special detergent)
    • do not use softener
    • Rinse well, but do not rub or wrestle
    • Dry on a towel in the air or in the tail of your dryer, never iron and do not dry on the heater


    Ofa Clean special detergent

    On demand

    • different colors
    • Thigh stockings with silicone adhesive tape, pantyhose, maternity tights

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