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    Diabetic socks 39 - 41
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    Product: Diabetic socks

    Foot care is extremely important for the diabetics and the diabetic socks can be of a great help. Many diabetics have quite often foot trouble that stems from poor circulation and nerve damage. That is the reason why Ofa Bamberg developed special Gilofa®Med diabetic socks. Soft diabetic cotton socks with pure silver fibre do not cut in and prevent pressure marks. Antimicrobial effect of silver combats harmful bacteria, germs and dermatophyte, preventing inflamations and skin injuries. The clue is that silver regulates the temperature. It keeps your feet cool in the summer and warms them up in the winter.

    Product information:

    Material: 66% cotton, 24% polyamide, 10% statex (20% pure silver / 80% polyamide)


    1 pair of diabetic socks, black

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