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    Bath board 69 cm
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    The bathtub board enables weak and elderly people sitting on the edge of the tub to carry out the processes of body cleansing and drying. The board can be placed on all standard bathtubs on the tub edge and fixed. With clamping pins, the board is wedged on the inside of the tub, providing a secure grip. Please pay attention to possible slipping when getting in and in the tub, and bend it forward with a shower mat.

    Technical details

    • Color: white
    • Maximum load: 150 kg
    • Total width: 35 cm
    • Total height: 16 cm
    • Total length: 69 cm
    • Weight: 2.2 kg
    • Inner dimensions of the tub 30 - 53 cm adjustable with the clamping pins


    Bath board with clamping pin, handle, instructions in black print

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