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    Wall Clock - Songbird, green Frame, Radio Controlled

    This radio-controlled wall clock updates automatically every 24 hours!Each hour you can hear another bird singing for 10 seconds. As soon as it gets dark, a light sensor automatically deactivates the hourly report. According to the time of the day you will hear the following

    birds singing

    • Blackbird
    • Song Thrush
    • Blackcap
    • Garden Warbler
    • Robin
    • Nightingale
    • Bluethroat
    • Redstart
    • Collared Flycatcher
    • Willow Warbler
    • Woodlark
    • Golden Oriole

    Technical details

    • 3 x 1,5V AA Mignon batteries
    • Dimameter: 34 cm
    • Weight: 850 g
    • Color: green Frame


    Wall Clock Songbirds with green plastic frame

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