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    GILOFA 2000 support stocking with aloe vera black 39/41

    Tired, heavy and swollen legs? That does not have to be! Preventive health stockings for him and her. Whether you are standing for a long time, sitting, sitting in a car, train or airplane, with the Gilofa 2000 travel support stockings a good leg blood circulation is guaranteed

    • Ideal as a travel stocking
    • Support circulation during long standing or sitting
    • For ladies and gentlemen

    The wonderfully soft cuff does not pinch or pinch, leaving no pressure marks. With the help of nanotechnology, the aloe vera extracts are delivered to the skin in a controlled manner for more than 100 washes. Gilofa® support and travel stockings actively and comfortably prevent venous problems (including travel thrombosis) and tired, swollen legs. The tested support force decreases from bottom to top, the blood is so gently pressed to the heart. You do not see this healthy effect on Gilofa® stockings, but you can feel them. Best of all, it's a pleasure to wear.

    • Color: Black
    • Shoe size: 39 - 41


    • Please wash on the left!
    • Please wash before first use!
    • if possible daily laundry (max 30 ° C), but at least every other day
      with commercially available mild detergent (especially suitable for support stockings is the Ofa clean special detergent)
    • Do not use fabric softener
    • Rinse well, but do not rub or wrestle
    • Dry on a towel in the air or in the tail of your dryer, never iron and do not dry on the heater

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