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    Game collection 2 Azabat
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    Enjoy the second Azabat Computer collection with 4 different computer games. It is easy to handle, you only have to put the CD into the CD drive and the game starts automatically, you will be guided by a natural female voice through the games.The game runs from CD - no Installation required.

    The game collection volume 2 includes:

    • Sudoku: You can either solve given Sudoku's or create some on your own.
    • Battleship: Battleships is believed to have been devised by British prisoners of war during World War 1.Each player has a square grid, measuring 10 by 10, into which the computer has randomly positioned a number of ships. The positions are different for each player. With each turn you make 3 guesses. There are four types of ship placed within the grid, each of varying size.
    • UXB: UXB is a logical puzzle, based on Windows™ Minesweeper. You have a square grid containing a number of hidden bombs and your task is to work out where the bombs are without getting blown up. This is done by performing controlled explosions on selected squares.
    • Memory: In this game, the computer takes a pack of 52 cards plus two jokers, shuffles them and lays them out face down. Players take turns to choose two cards, which are revealed. If they match in value the cards are removed. If they do not match, they are placed face down again. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.You can either practise on your own, play against the computer or against another person.

    • A screen reader or a mouse is not necessary!
      Available in German and English!

      System requirements:

      MS Windows 98, 2000 und XP.


      1 CD with 4 computer games (Sudoku, Battleship UXB, Memory) by Azabat.

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