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    DraftsMan Standard
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    DraftsMan is a high-quality drawing board, especially designed for blind users. It can be used professionally, at home or - particularly - in schools. Just fix one of the special drawing sheets and start drawing with any pointed pin. Now you can feel the upraised lines.It helps the users to familiarise with the alphabet, numbers and other symbols, practise their signature or even prepare layouts, maps etc..Working with the DraftsMan enhances the user's creativity, dexterity and abstract imagination. It enriches one's life and leads one to a greater degree of independence. One of our blind custumers for examples uses the DraftsMan to draw his cartoons.The DraftsMan standard is particulary useful for domestic use and also is portable.

    Technical Details

    • Dimensions: 32 x 26 cm
    • Material: plastic frame and rubber drawing area
    • Color: green frame and beige drawing area


    DraftsMan Standard drawing board, 25 sheets, set of rulers (T-ruler, 2 triangle, goniometer), pins, carrying bag

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