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    Gaudio-Braille 24Pro - Notetaker with 24-digit Braille display
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    a 24-digit Braille display with integrated 8-point Braille keyboard, Courser keys, 2 navigation joysticks and 4 front keys

    entered texts can be stored on micro-SD cards and USB sticks, as well as data from USB sticks to micro-SD cards or vice versa.

    internal functions:

    • notepad, file management, scientific calculator, clock
    • Support for Mini-SD cards and USB sticks
    • compatible to the most common screen readers and Bluetooth devices

    Technical data

    • Connection via USB and Bluetooth
    • Micro-SD card slot
    • 1 battery up to 20 hours operating time
    • 1 USB port for battery charging
    • Built-in rechargeable battery

    Scope of delivery

    • Protective bag with carrying strap
    • Micro SD card
    • Micro-SD adapter for connection to the PC

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