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    Plextalk LINIO
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    The Plextalk DAISY Player is a digital talking book player. This device plays talking books and music that have been recorded on compact disc (CD) or MP3CD in the international DAISY format. The player’s features include: built-in voice guide that helps you.
    Get started: variable play speed with pitch compensation for extra clarity; page jump and time jump functions; and the sleep timer turns off the player after a specified time
    The Plextalk DAISY Player supports all DAISY navigation levels, including navigation by book chapter, section, page, or paragraph, and allows placement of multiple bookmarks. Discs can be heard either through an internal speaker or with headphones (not included). The Plextalk DAISY Player runs off an integrated rechargeable battery or mains power.

    Technical Details

    • Battery: Nickel hydrogen
    • Charging time: 4 h, Playback time DAISY CD :5 h, Music CD: 2,5 h
    • Color: light grey with dark blue/purple buttons
    • Size: 5,5 x 22 x 17 cm
    • Weight: 1200 g
    • Sleep timer (Off, 30, 60, 90, 120 min)
    • Sound output: Headphone (Stereo) or internal speaker (Monaural)
    • Power source AC adapter: 90V to 240V, 50/60 Hz
    • DC input: +12V, 3,0A max.
    • Dimensions: 8,66 x 6,77 x 2,2 inch (220 x 172 x 56 mm)
    • Weight 2,65 lbs (1,2 kg)


    Plextalk PTX 1 Pro, AC adapter, power supply (european plug), instructions on Daisy-CD

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