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    Color Star with EU Adapter
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    The Color-Star is a high-performance color identifier with leading-edge technology that recognizes up to 1000 different nuances of color and offers clear and natural speech. In addition, it compares colors, identifies patterns and measures color contrast. It not only recognizes the color of LED-lights, but also measures the intensity of ambient light. It is a revised and advanced version of our renowned Colorino.


    • Excellent natural voice prompts adjustable in 5 volume steps, available in several languages
    • high measuring accuracy
    • Recognizes up to 1000 different nuances of color according to NCS Colour System (Natural Color System)
    • Recognizes patterns and measures color contrast.(e.g. with garments and clothes)
    • The Color Star emits music tones which increase in pitch as light is approached
    • The Color Star can recognize the color of light; up to 15 nuances translucent material as well as LEDs
    • Color comparison
    • Technical data

      • Natural voice output
      • Dimensions 90 x 28 x 18 mm
      • Weight 42 Gramm (including battery)
      • Power supply Integrated 1 x 3.7V / 550 mAh Lithium-Ionen- rechargeable battery 3,7V / 550mAh
      • Earphone jack: 3,5 mm jack
      • Reliable temperature range 0° - 40° Celsius
      • USB port Micro USB port for pendrive charger cable

      Package contents

      • Color Star Talking Color Identifier
      • Stereo earphone
      • 5V / 1A per micro-USB cable adapter
      • Storage pouch
      • Lanyard
      • Manual in blackprint, manual on CD or pendrive with manual
      • Please note that the ColorStar is available in different languages, but only with one language! Ask for an other language than German. Or note the desired language in the message field when ordering online.
      • Ask for the special vibrating ColorStar device - Color recognition by deaf-blind people.The optional function of the Color Star can communicate these dimensions with vibrations so that even deaf-blind people can be made familiar with the phenomena of colors.
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